Cassiopea team is made up of professionals with high level of education and experience in marine, health & safety, quality and environment protection activities.
The team includes marine surveyors, auditors and trainers as well as experienced Captains, marine engineers, qualified ISM / ISPS & ISO Auditors, accredited Flag State inspectors, trainers, Risk Management Assessors and Casualty Investigators.
Over the past years, Cassiopea has rendered the following services:

Tanker Operators

  • TMSA Gap Analysis and support for implementing the management system;
  • Casualty investigations and Root Causes Analysis to satisfy Oil Majors Requirements
  • Pre-vetting inspections and support to shipboard personnel;
  • Risk Assessment to comply with ISM and TMSA requirements:
  • On board training on Incident Investigations and Risk Assessment;
  • Development of specific procedures/plans to comply with TMSA and new rules;
  • Analysis of Internal Audits, Hazardous Occurrences and Incidents;
  • Navigational Audits;
  • Internal ISM Audits both on board and ashore.

Shipping Companies

  • Support for developing the SMS and ISPS procedures;
  • ISM & ISPS audits
  • Audits to Manning & Recruiting Agents;
  • Audits to Suppliers including Shipyard;
  • Quality, Environmental and Health Management System Audits;
  • Risk Assessment;
  • Incident investigations and Root Causes Analysis;
  • Condition surveys (on-hire/off-hire);
  • Pre-purchase surveys.

Classification Societies

  • Class surveys;
  • Occasional PSC surveys;
  • Risk Assessment services;

Flag State Administrations

  • Safety Inspections & Flag state Inspections;
  • ISM Audits (SMC and DOC);

Training Institutes

  • Various training courses for shore based key staff;
  • Various training courses for shipboard personnel (Tankers, Bulk Carriers, Ferries and LNG Carriers);

Assurance Companies

  • Ship Condition surveys;
  • Crew injuries related matters;


Ob board audit
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